Medical terminology is used to describe the various functions of the human body, conditions and processes in a “science-based” manner. If you want to work successfully in a medical line of work, you must make sure that you possess great knowledge of medical terminology. Medical professionals converse in medical jargon which is why it is important that they understand the mechanics of this language.

Many jobs in both the medical and pharmaceutical industries require that an individual understands and can speak in this language. The ability to understand medical terms can go a long way in helping you obtain a job in this capacity.


In medical language, the difference between a right word and a wrong one can have life-affecting outcomes. This is why it is important to learn medical terminology appropriately when attempting to gain employment in the medical world.

Medical Terminology Courses

There are many online courses that you can do to learn medical terminology. From the comfort of your home you can learn medical terms through several modules. Some of the modules that you will have to go through are:

• Introduction to Medical Terminology
• Human Body in Health and Disease
• Skeletal and Muscular Systems
• Cardiovascular Systems
• Lymphatic and Immune Systems
• Digestive, Urinary and Nervous Systems
• Special Senses
• Endocrine System
• Diagnostic Procedures
• Pharmacology

These about cover the areas that you will need to understand in order to learn medical terms. Some universities and institutes offer online medical terminology courses that can be completed in less than a month.


An online medical terminology course will assist you in learning prefixes, suffixes and word roots along with basic medical language, health, wellness and disease terms. These can be very helpful especially if you are pursuing a career in medical transcription, billing or coding or if you are interested in being hired as part of a medical support staff.

Popular Institutes

Some institutes that offer online medical terminology courses include University of Minnesota, National Cancer Institute, Upstate University Hospital, National Library of Medicine, Southeast Community College, Napa Valley College and Lord Fairfax Community College.

Last Word

Online medical terminology courses can be a great avenue to learn medical terms while you are working as well. You do not have to travel anywhere to attend classes as they provide easy to attend online classes. The Des Moines University for instance, offers “on the go” medical terminology courses that can be downloaded to an Android phone or a desktop computer!