Medical Technician Resume Example

Updated on: March 11, 2018

Your chances of landing your dream job increase manifold when you have a compelling and effective resume to show.

But to create a bulletproof resume for the medical technician position, one has to make an effort. And that effort needs to be visible in all sections of the resume.

Here are a few tips that can help you:



• Know the purpose of your resume before you begin writing one

• Back up the qualities and strengths that you mention in your resume

• Use the right keywords

• Make the content compelling – for instance, replace Accounting with Management of A/R and A/P

• Use bullet points

• Proofread at least twice

Let us also help you with a sample format that you can use:

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Medical Technician Resume Example



Elizabeth Garcia

7 100th Avenue NE ● Binford ● ND 58478 ● (999) 999-9999 ● [Email]


5+ years’ direct patient care experience in a large hospital setting. Adept at operating equipment to provide life-saving medical treatment to patients, along with handling laboratory functions such as specimen collection and testing.

• Track record of managing lab testing processes by following specific laboratory procedures and protocols.
• Hands-on experience in specimen preparation by ensuring the integrity of samples at all times.
• Qualified to perform scientific tests on analyzing tissue, blood, and body fluids safely and efficiently.
• Competent in identifying and communicating abnormal patient conditions after ensuring the integrity of results.


● Hematology ● Drugs Identification ● Chemistry Operations
● Serological Testing ● Compatibility Testing ● Radioimmunoassay
● Antibody Identification ● Blood Typing Analysis ● Blood Bank Maintenance
● Infection Control ● Clinical Lab Testing ● Disease Diagnosis

• Diagnosed a particularly obscure autoimmune disease termed MG, for a patient who had been misdiagnosed for 17 years.
• Identified a lethal drug in a patient’s bloodstream which was keeping other medication from working on her
• Introduced antibody identification testing to the lab, as part of its tests expansion program
• Implemented a series of particularly tricky lab testing procedures by training five medical technicians in carrying them out effectively

ALLINA HEALTH, Binford, ND (10/2011 to Present)
Medical Technician
• Collect specimens such as blood, tissue, and body fluid samples for testing purposes.
• Access patient orders to determine what type of testing is prescribed.
• Set up specimen testing equipment following series of tests in the queue.
• Perform basic and advanced tests on specimens including complete blood counts, Anti DS DNAs, and ANA testing.
• Perform retesting to determine the integrity of each test.
• Ascertain the quality of test results by running set standards and controls.
• Document results in patient documentation systems and provides information to prescribing doctors.
• Identify abnormal patient conditions to the authorities (doctors and nurse managers) immediately.
• Serve as a technical resource for answering questions and ensuring that patients and their families understand purposes and outcomes of tests.
• Ascertain that laboratory equipment is calibrated on a regular basis and that any needs for maintenance or repair are addressed to immediately.

ARCO CONSTRUCTION COMPANY, Lakewood, NJ (9/2010 to 10/2011)
Laboratory Intern
• Received samples (such as urine, stool, blood, and tissue) for testing purposes.
• Created correlating paperwork to ensure that they are tested in a time-efficient manner.
• Set up and calibrated testing equipment to make sure that it is ready for each testing procedure.
• Collected and punched in results in the laboratory database.
• Ascertained the general cleanliness and sanitation of the laboratory are by ensuring that proper infection control procedures are followed.

Bachelor’s Degree in Life Sciences
Major: Medical Technology