Medical Assistant Resume Skills

Updated on: August 23, 2016

A worker is useless without his skills. But a worker can never be useless because there is no one in the world who is not skilled in one area or another. The fact that you have several skills that you are unaware of, is what keeps you from telling an employer how good you can be in a professional setting. This information is best highlighted in a resume. No resume should be sent out without it emphasizing the candidate’s special skills.

The next time you construct a resume, make sure that the skills section is given due diligence. If you send a resume that lacks a skills section, you are being unfair to yourself. You may be greatly qualified to work at a position but if the employer doesn’t know about it, your skills are hardly any use to you. Employers look for little things that they can bank on – and the skills section is a huge one that provides employers with concrete information about what you are capable of and how you can contribute effectively. The decision to hire you becomes more profound – and less confusing for the employer.

Refer to the following skills that a medical assistant can write in his resume:

Medical Assistant Resume Skills

• Highly skilled in verifying patient information by interviewing patients according to set facility protocols.
• Hands-on experience in recording medical histories according to set procedures and ensuring that all information is kept confidential.
• Demonstrated expertise in preparing patients for examinations by efficiently performing preliminary physical tests.
• Deeply familiar with preparing patients for visits by directing them to examination rooms and providing logistical assistance.
• Exceptionally well-versed in supporting patient care delivery by assisting doctors during examinations.
• Proven record of properly educating patients by providing them with deep insight into handling in-home care.
• Special talent for carefully collecting and preparing laboratory specimens and disposing of contaminated supplies.
• Deep insight into arranging examination room instruments and equipment and handling medical supplies and equipment.
• Proven ability to coordinate patients’ reports, labs and medical information so that it can be properly filed.
• Unmatched ability to triage and process messages from patients and front office staff to physicians.
• Competent at maintaining logs and checks such as emergency medications, expired medicines, oxygen, cold sterilization fluid changes and refrigerator temperatures.
• Adept at recording and verifying patient insurance information and assisting patients in filling out insurance forms.
• Proficient in authorizing prescription refills, removing and changing dressings and administering medication as directed by doctors.