A Medical Office Administrator Cover Letter must be an eye catching document in order to grab the attention of hiring Manager.

In order to write a good cover letter for Medical Office Administrator job, it is essential to relate your leadership skills and medical knowledge to the requirements of the employer. Focus on relevant experiences to show a connection between your abilities and the Medical Office Administrator position. Think about writing your cover letter from the employer’s eye.

Follow this sample while writing your Cover Letter for Medical Office Administrator Resume.


Medical Office Administrator Cover Letter Sample


321 Alexa Street
Atlantic City, NJ 21474

September 5, 2015

Mr. John Davis
Senior Manager (Human Resources)
AAA Clinic
21 West Street
Atlantic City, NJ 01475


Dear Mr. Davis:

I am very interested in joining AAA Clinic as a Medical Office Administrator, a vacant position that was advertised in Medical Journal of Texas. After reading your specific requirements in detail, I feel my qualifications are a good match to your job description. My resume is enclosed for your further assessment.

I have been looking for transferring my varied leadership and medical experience working inside a busy medical office. My understanding of HIPAA compliance in the medical field, together with my extensive office administration experience would be a direct asset to your organization. I am extremely knowledgeable in the areas of patient and physician relations, meeting scheduling, secret patient filing, recordkeeping, accounting and payment processing. With my aptitude to supervise medical office personnel and ability to communicate effectively with stakeholders, I would be able to make the most of limited resources.

As an results-driven medical administrator, I would welcome the chance to meet with you to learn more about AAA Clinic, your requirements, and how my qualifications would be a fine fit. To schedule a meeting, I will call you after 7 working days and can be reached at (363) 000-1231 in the interim.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon.



Abraham Andrew

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