Diesel Mechanic Objectives Examples

Updated on December 16, 2013

An objective statement of Diesel Mechanic Resume is meant to communicate the skills you would utilize to benefit of prospective organization. Ideal objective statements are very short, consisting of not more than two sentences at the most.

First part of a Diesel Mechanic objective statement must include the name of position that you are seeking and the name of prospective company. The second part should communicate how your skills relate to the job and how you will utilize those skills for the betterment of the company.

Following are some example objective statements for the resume of a diesel mechanic along with some brief discussion on objective statement formation.


Sample Objectives for Diesel Mechanic Resume

 One way of creating an objective statement is to mention your desired position, target company and years of experience to give a comprehensive picture of what you have to offer and what exactly you are looking for:

❖ Seeking work as a diesel mechanic at Revving Engines, bringing 10 plus years of experience in maintenance and repairs of heavy vehicle diesel engines

❖ To work for Smart Cars in capacity of a diesel mechanic, wherein skills in diesel workmanship can be utilized for the advancement of the company goals.

It is also common practice to mention your core competencies in the statement, this enables the career objective to serve as a profile of the candidate as well. For example:

❖ Looking for a diesel mechanic position at XYZ cars. Offering strong expertise in handling diesel engine malfunction and engine efficiency issues to maximize clients’ satisfaction while increasing profits.

❖ To obtain a diesel mechanic position with ABC Autos. Bringing diverse diesel engine consultation and expertise in computerized engine efficiency analysis. Proficient in accurate diagnosis and repair of diesel engine malfunctions.

One way to come up with employer relevant objectives is to snoop around a bit and find out exactly what the recruiter is looking for and then incorporate the employer’s highest priority demand in your objective. For example, in case you know that a dealer is hiring a diesel mechanic to inspect a fleet of cars for a rally, you can write:

❖ Offering to utilize expert consultation skills in diesel engine inspection and expertise in preventive maintenance, to assist HGS Cars in preparation for the Annual Diesel rally.

❖ A highly skilled and experienced diesel engine mechanic seeking work at ABC Cars utilizing matchless expertise in diesel engine preventive maintenance and repair works.

❖ Seeking the position as a diesel mechanic at xyz cars where expertise in diesel engine maintenance, replacing spare parts and engine reconditioning skills can be utilized for the benefit of the company.