Summary of Qualifications for a Massage Therapist

Updated April 30, 2018

Job Overview

Massage therapists work with salons or in private capacities too. No matter where they work, they are required to be trained in this profession.

Since massage is usually performed for medical reasons, the therapists need to know what a particular client’s physical condition so that no harm is imminent.

Massage therapists go through rigorous training where they are required to understand pressure points and medical conditions. Before a massage therapy session commences, a massage therapist is required to ask the client about his or her individual health problems so a proper therapy plan can be devised.


Sample Qualifications for a Massage Therapist Resume

● Current NY Massage Therapy Certifications and license

● Hands-on experience in Swedish massage, reflexology, acupressure and sports massages.

● Highly skilled in comprehending and managing room and table temperature, appropriate music and heating stones according to message types.

● Demonstrated ability to assess clients to find out painful or tense areas of the body.

● In-depth knowledge of designing specific therapy sessions for clients based on individual needs.

● Special ability to manipulate muscles and soft tissues to provide relief to clients.

● Maintains professional boundaries with clients.

● Known for maintaining confidential information of clients and employers.

● Extremely qualified in creating a safe environment for clients by ensuring best massage practices.

● Well-versed in talking with clients regarding symptoms, medical history, and preferred results.

● Special talent for providing clients with guidance on how to develop posture, stretching, strengthening, and general relaxation.

● Possess high stamina and ability to dress up professionally.

Last Word

Since massage therapists are usually in direct contact with their clients, they should maintain a professional demeanor at all times. The need for keeping a professional distance is necessary.

Some people argue that they have a natural talent for this, but nothing beats being professionally trained!