Spa Massage Therapist Job Description, Duties, and Tasks

Updated December 8, 2021
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Spa Massage Therapist Job Description

Spa massage therapists work at spas and salons.

Their primary responsibility is to provide clients with a sense of physical and mental well-being by giving them massage services.

They employ a variety of techniques to provide different massage solutions. 

One of the major jobs of a spa massage therapist is to interview clients to determine if they have any predominant physical conditions that may flare up during or after a massage.

They also question clients to figure out if they may be allergic to massage oils or creams.

Massage therapists also perform other body treatments such as facials, waxing, manicure, and pedicure although their primary focus is head and body massage.

Below is a list of duties and responsibilities of a Spa Massage Therapist. You may use these statements in your Spa Massage Therapist Resume effectively.

Spa Massage Therapist Duties and Responsibilities

• Greet customers and clients to the spa and engage them in conversation to determine the services that they need.

• Interview clients to assess their medical conditions that can help in selecting the right massage therapy technique.

• Take notes regarding each client’s medical history and ensure that appropriate precautions are taken so that the condition is not aggravated.

• Provide clients with knowledge of different types of available massages and suggest appropriate massage therapies for individual clients.

• Explain the massage procedure and provide information about oils and creams used during the massage.

• Assist clients in preparing for massages by providing them with gowns and putting away their clothing.

• Perform massaging activities according to each client’s instructions (pressure and preferred oil/cream).

• Talk to clients (minimally) during massage treatments to ensure their wellbeing during the procedure.

• Use aids such as infrared lamps, ice, and hot or cold compresses to help with massage therapies.

• Confer with clients’ PCPs, physiotherapists, and chiropractors to determine proper massage procedures.

• Maintain clients’ records including demographic information, medical histories, and appointments.

• Uphold the standards of hygiene and sterilization as directed by law and the spa’s policies and procedures.

• Maintain a constructive attitude and add toward a quality work environment.

• Help in all areas of spa operation as requested by the organization.

Spa Massage Therapist Qualifications

To be eligible for this position, one has to have a license or degree in aesthetics or physiotherapy.

Spa Massage Therapist Skills
  • Outstanding communication and listening skills
  • Basic computer knowledge
  • Team player
  • Have enthusiasm and possess superb customer service skills
  • Enjoy working with people and have an outgoing personality

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