Massage Therapist Job Description and Duties for Resume

Updated on: October 25, 2020
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Clients flock to massage parlors for a number of reasons – and they always have a favorite massage therapist. If you want to apply as one, you must make sure that you possess the right certification for it. And you should know what the work is all about as well. This is where we can help.

Massage Therapist Job Description

A massage therapist provides services such as body treatments, massages, facials, and manicures and pedicures. They are required to be trained in all these areas. The work is complicated and requires excellent skills in massage and other techniques.

Their work involves understanding clients’ requirements and then suggesting the right spa services to them.

Since different techniques work for different clients, you need to be able to confer with clients to determine what they require exactly.

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Massage Therapist Duties for Resume

  • Greet clients and confer with them to determine their specific requirements
  • Provide clients with information on available spa services and products
  • Inquire into any allergies or medical conditions that may interfere with the effectiveness of massage
  • Take and record appointments over the telephone and in-person
  • Assist clients in choosing the right therapies, including massage, manicure and pedicure, and facials
  • Perform massage and other therapies on clients
  • Inquire into clients’ preferred pressure preferences for massages
  • Respond to questions and concerns in a prompt manner
  • Communicate with clients during the massage to adjust massage techniques
  • Provide clients with information on post-massage care and therapy
  • Clean and maintain massage areas, such as beds, and sheets
  • Provide suitable recommendations to clients, in sync with their needs
  • Assess clients’ soft tissue conditions, and ensure that any injuries are taken into account
  • Develop and propose client treatment plans for issues such as skin dryness or joint / muscle pain
  • Schedule clients for follow-up appointments and provide reminders
  • Recommend retail spa products such as creams, lotions, and serums
  • Oversee spa equipment and supplies inventory
  • Communicate low stock situations to spa managers
  • Perform preventative and regular maintenance on spa equipment such as steamers
  • Set up and organize workstations at the end of each session, to facilitate the next
  • Create and maintain clients’ records and appointment statuses

Massage Therapist Education Requirements

To work as a spa massage therapist, you do not need formal education. However, formal training is required. You can master one or more forms of massage and other services. Or you could stick to just one. 

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