Internet Marketing Specialist Job Description2 min read

Updated on: October 12, 2016

Position Overview

An internet marketing specialist or a digital marketing specialist is hired to ensure that the company’s online presence is established and maintained on a constant basis. Owing to the influx of technology in the past decade or so, no organization can expect to stay afloat if it doesn’t get its act together where internet marketing is concerned.

Remember the time when you used to receive pamphlets in the mail or with your newspaper, highlighting a certain business’s ability to give you “what you most crave for”? When was the last time you saw something like that? Probably been a while! And if you are from a generation that opened its eyes to internet technology, you probably don’t even know what we are talking about! Today is all about the Internet. Hence, the need for hiring specialists to ensure that the company’s online image is created and maintained is at an all-time high.

As an internet marketing specialist, you have a great future ahead. All you need is a degree in business (preferably tilting towards technology) and a will to work relentlessly. If you have had some experience working as a digital or internet marketing agent, you are in luck, because you will be hired immediately, provided there is a vacancy. What will you be doing? Here is a list:

Internet Marketing Specialist Job Description

• Determine the company’s requirements for presence over the internet and create and implement strategies to meet these requirements
• Determine online marketing strategies including website and landing page maintenance, SEO/SEM, email marketing and online analytics
• Maintain and perform routine content updates using predefined content management systems
• Develop, manage and design layouts of communications, including newsletters, event support materials and online brochures
• Use PPC strategies to increase qualified leads for specific market segments
• Manage online project requests to ensure that clients’ expectation are met
• Plan and execute conversion tests and ensure that all associated experiments are measured appropriately
• Evaluate end to end user experience across multiple channels and client touch points
• Provide thought leadership and perspective for adopting emerging technologies where appropriate and relevant
• Develop and execute pay per click (PPC) advertising campaigns and create internet ads according to set instructions by the client
• Establish and maintain the company’s online presence through profile such as Facebook, Twitter, Google + and LinkedIn
• Monitor company’s reputation by approving or deleting negative comments and highlighting and encouraging positive ones
• Drive traffic to websites and ensure that related content appears high on search rankings