Property Manager Skills for Resume

Updated on March 4, 2018

A great motivator behind hiring managers’ decision to hire (or not hire) an individual is how skilled applicants are.

While skills cannot be shown through resumes and cover letters, they can be elaborated on in how you write them down.

If an applicant states that he is skilled in a certain area, the hiring manager has no choice but to believe him, thinking that he or she wouldn’t have declared as much if he hadn’t been skilled.

But it is easy to get conned into believing that someone has a skill by simply reading it in a resume.

However, there isn’t a choice. Hiring managers cannot possibly call in hundreds of possibly skilled people to test them. They have to take the applicants’ word.

But do not for a moment believe that hiring managers are helpless in this area. Experience teaches them how to separate the “probable” from the “possibles” and which ones to disregard completely. So they concentrate on how skills are mentioned in a resume and decide which individual is worth their time and money.

Do you now know why elaborating on the skills section is so important on a resume?

Your resume is the only place where you can elaborate on your skills in a concentrated manner.

Through other avenues, your skills are watered down. Make good use of the skills section of your resume. Here is a list of skills for a property manager position for you to refer to for the next time you want to write them:


Sample Skills for a Property Manager Resume


• Highly experienced in directing the operations of residential and commercial properties to ensure highest possible occupancy rates.

• Effectively able to build community relations with neighbors and surrounding businesses / residential projects to promote community harmony.

• Skilled in choosing, interviewing and coordinating the work of vendors, contractors, and staff members to ensure smooth operations of the building.

• Committed to providing quality customer services by effectively creating and maintaining liaison with residents.

• Focused on providing residents with a safe and secure environment to live in by ensuring that the building is secured and kept safe from outside threats.

• Adept at resolving resident and employee complaints by delving deep into their grievances and offering viable solutions.

• Proficient in collecting rents on designated days of the month and accurately posting payments to predefined systems.

• Deep insight into filing evictions and serving notices to residents with bad payment histories or behavior by keeping within defined protocols of the residential or office project.

• Qualified to oversee tasks relating to leasing by abiding by enforcing fair housing laws.