Top 5 Medical Front Office Receptionist Resume Objective Examples

Updated: May 7, 2021

Resume objectives are something that you cannot do without if making a positive first impression is your goal. 

How you begin something defines its end as well. So if your resume opens on a positive note, there is a great chance of a hiring manager being impressed with its content as well.

Typically, objectives set the tone of a resume, enticing the recruiter to keep reading till the end. And once the resume is read till the end, you as a candidate have a better chance of being called in for an interview.

Mostly, a hiring manager will take less than 30 seconds to go through an entire resume. And seriously speaking, this time is not enough time for someone to judge you.

The good news is that the objective statement, which can be read within 2 seconds can save you from being judged in such a short time. This is because an objective will sum up everything that you want to say in a resume.

Wouldn’t it be the perfect situation if the hiring manager reads your resume objective and decides that he wants to hire you immediately, without going through the rest of the resume?

This can happen. But for it to happen, your resume objective has to be strong and relevant to the position for which you are applying. Here is a list of objectives that a medical front office receptionist can use in her / his resume:

5 Best Sample Objectives for Medical Front Office Receptionist Resume

1. Results-oriented Medical Front Office Receptionist looking for a position at Sava Medical Care. Bringing a track record in providing exceptional first contact services in a dedicated medical facility to smoothen the front office operations.

2. Top-performing Medical Front Office Receptionist seeking a position at NextCare to leverage skills in scheduling patients and managing the influx of patients in large medical facilities.

3. To work for North Atlanta Primary Care as a Medical Front Office Receptionist. Offers expertise in performing day to day administrative functions and scheduling patient flow to the clinic, based on predetermined appointment arrangements.

4. Exceptionally dedicated, practical, and disciplined Medical Front Office Receptionist eager to obtain a position at Southwestern Eye Center. Leveraging 6+ years’ hands-on experience in verifying patients for contact information, liaising with insurance companies, and managing appointment scheduling duties in a profoundly accurate manner.

5. Looking for a position as a Medical Front Office Receptionist with the United States Physical Therapy to leverage proficiencies in scheduling appointments, managing follow-up, handling record-keeping duties, and arranging for clinical staff to check and record patients’ vitals.