McDonald’s Manager Job Description

Updated on November 17, 2016

Position Overview

Running a fast food chain like McDonald’s is no child’s play. Managers at McDonald’s are hired especially to ensure the smooth running of the restaurant, and to make sure that customer service and food quality standards are met appropriately. To work as a manager at McDonald’s, it is important to be in a constant state of high motivation. Since the success of the place will depend highly on how well you manage the restaurant, your responsibility as a McDonalds manager is high.


A degree in a food related discipline (or even business) is important if you want to work as a manager at McDonalds. If you have only a high school diploma or a GED, but have had extensive experience in food service, your candidature may be considered a good match, depending on how well you meet other benchmarks for the job. Displaying managerial and leadership qualities and organizational skills is important if this is the job that you want to undertake. Self-control and discipline are also two areas that you will need to polish before applying for this position.

If you have worked as a crew member or shift manager in a similar capacity before, you will be able to easily handle the many responsibilities that will be entrusted to you when hired as a manager at McDonald’s. Some of the main duties that you will be performing in this role include:

McDonald’s Manager Duties and Responsibilities

• Schedule crew members to ensure that all shifts are properly manned and that any staff shortages are addressed properly
• Recruit staff members and handle training and development of both new and existing crew members and support staff
• Set targets and goals for each employee and assist them in reaching these goals in a time efficient manner
• Work towards ensuring that standards of hygiene are maintained by staff members and advocate good sanitary practices
• Coordinate the work of staff members to ensure exceptional and timely food service delivery to customers
• Supervise the counter area to ensure that all customers are being handled appropriately, especially focusing on accuracy or orders
• Create and maintain effective relationships with food suppliers to ensure prompt and accurate delivery of supplies
• Oversee food preparation and packing duties to ensure that all standards and protocols for both are adhered to
• Address customers’ complaints to ensure their satisfaction and repeat business opportunities
• Work with the human resource / accounting employees to administer payrolls and issue holidays and half times
• Ensure cleanliness and sanitation of all restaurant areas, including kitchens, dining areas and order counters

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