Kitchen Manager Skills for Resume

Updated: October 2, 2019

If you have decided that you want to work as a kitchen manager, you must highlight your skills as one.

This is especially important in a resume. The skills section gives you a lot of leeways to boast.


As a kitchen manager, your leadership skills are what will get you the job. However, there are other competencies that you need to highlight as well.

Specifically, the skills section of your resume should focus on your knowledge of kitchen procedures and how they are run.

Also, you must emphasize your knowledge of hiring and training kitchen staff.

In addition, your skills and abilities regarding food preparation must be shown.


Of course, it is important to highlight how well-versed you are in handling crises within the scope of your work.

Here is a list of some skills statements that you can use on a kitchen manager resume, in order to convince a hiring manager that you are the best person to hire as a kitchen manager:


Kitchen Manager Skills for Resume

• Highly experienced in creating and implementing kitchen procedures and regulations.

•Able to train existing staff members in order to ensure continuous service excellence.

• Deeply familiar with interviewing, hiring, and training kitchen staff members.

• Well-versed in directing chefs and kitchen workers to perform well-placed duties.

• Skilled in overseeing tasks such as food preparation and serving.

• Demonstrated expertise in ensuring the high quality of food.

• Talented in handling inventory in order to ensure optimal supply levels.

• Proven ability to oversee cooking tasks to ensure that quality standards are met.

• Solid track record of providing kitchen staff with constant motivation.

• Competent in ensuring that standards such as safety and sanitization are met.

• Qualified to handle complaints in a positive manner.

• Skilled in implementing appropriate standards of kitchen procedures.

• Exceptionally talented in checking food plating and temperature.

• Focused on pricing menu items following competitive metrics.

• Unmatched ability to store food items in compliance with safety practices, for example, refrigerating or freezing meats.

• Highly skilled in scheduling work shifts for kitchen employees.

• Excellent record of performing weekly inventory assessments.

• Adept at handling food procurement tasks.

• First-hand experience in supervising staff members in order to ensure quick and accurate order preparation.

• Hands-on experience in promoting teamwork.

• Proven ability to monitor food wastage.

• Demonstrated ability to build and develop strong team dynamics between front and back ends.

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