Branch Manager Cover Letter Sample 2

Updated on: November 19, 2015

Employers usually don’t consider candidates who do not appear qualified in the first glance. And since the first glance is almost always the cover letter, this can become difficult for people who are not aware of cover letter writing norms. The opportunity to make a good impression to make it to the next round, comes but once! And it is up to the candidate to avail this opportunity by writing a cover letter that is not just informative but provides a generalized idea about the candidate’s personal standing as well.

Cover letters for branch manager resume should never be copied and pasted. Even if you have written the source yourself. Each line should be written in a manner that provides an incentive to the employer to call you in for an interview. Unless you are writing a cover letter for a job that you have bid for on Upwork or some other such site, always provide your contact information. For these avenues, the portal itself suffices.

No matter where you intend to send your cover letter, the rules don’t change. Cover letters need to be succinct, precise and informative. Just what type of information needs to go into the cover letter depends on what you have written in the resume. But wait! We do not mean that you should copy verbatim what you have written in the resume. Complementing a resume is the job of a cover letter – not repeating it. As many times as this little point is reiterated, candidates almost always make this mistake. Refrain!


Branch Manager Cover Letter Sample


Alan Ross
857 Hudson Street
Evanston, IL 51212
(222) 222-2222
Alan @ email . com

November 19, 2015

Mr. Roy Bell
Hiring Manager
USA Bank
1453 Eastwood Avenue
Evanston, IL 56858


Dear Mr. Bell:

Noting your posting for a branch manager with risk management experience, here is my question: Will the banking world reach its risk management objectives through effectively directing all risks towards channelized resolutions, or will it always struggle to resolve risk issues once they have happened? You will never know without the best person to follow through for you. Arguably, that is me and here is why:

• Unmatched ability to perform pre-audits to identify and mitigate operational risk and to ensure absolute and ongoing adherence to compliance procedures
• Highly experienced in supervising day-to-day operational functions of the branch such as vault, drawer and ATM balancing and overseeing tellers and client services duties
• Track record of growing client base, consumer and corporate business relations through both internal and external marketing plans

The match between your specific needs and my ability to meet them can only be fully determined when we meet in person. I will be in touch with you so that an interview date and time can be decided on. I am available on (222) 222-2222 if you need to contact me in the meantime.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Alan Ross

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