Banquet Manager Resume Example

Updated on: February 23, 2018

There is one thing that you do not want – and that is to let your resume look like it has been written using a template.

The resume wizard in Word helps when you are struggling with writing a resume, but it can be quite cumbersome if you want to edit it. Those who have been this way know what we are saying!

While you can take ideas from templates, it is always better to write your resume from scratch.

This way, if you are sending your resume electronically (which most of us do), the hiring authority will not have problems if he or she wants to insert a comment or scroll through it.

Believe us, when you scroll through a preformatted resume, it can be quite a horror with all the headings coming alive as the cursor passes over them!

You can use the following easy to navigate resume sample:


Banquet Manager Resume Sample



James Perez

879 Mudline Road ● Proctor, AR 81256 ● (000) 239-2014 ● jamesperez @ email . com


Customer service-oriented individual known for exceptional expertise in handling banquet services in hotel and restaurant environment. Highly skilled in overseeing banquet all activities to ensure delivery of quality services to patrons.

• Track record of developing and implementing business strategies for food and beverage operations.
• Hands-on experience in adjusting plans to meet the changing and growing needs of the company.
• Able to create a friendly environment in sync with the company culture.
• Proficient in ensuring that the hotel/restaurant delivers company experience by reviewing hotel operations from the customers’ perspective.


• Banquet Setup • Budget Development • Cost Controlling
• Inventory Management • Scheduling • Procedures Maintenance
• Event Planning • Staffing • Staff Briefing
• Food Safety & Hygiene • Food Preparation • Guest Satisfaction

• Decreased costs of renting buffet tables by 80% by suggesting to buy them from a local market at a reduced price.
Increased staff efficiency by 70% by announcing bonuses for all staff members that receive a 90% or above on the customer feedback card.
• Streamlined event management duties by training each banquet staff member to handle specific banquet management duties assigned to him or her.
• Simultaneously handled two large-scale events within one banquet room without any complaints from either party.

THE HYATT, Proctor, AR (5/2010 to Present)
Banquet Manager
• Plan, organize and execute banquet room functions to ensure appropriate service provision to customers.
• Oversee the setup of banquet rooms including placement of linen, silver, and glassware.
• Monitor and develop team members to ensure that they know what their specific work duties are.
• Create schedules and ensure that each staff member is aware of them.
• Keep a close eye on the inventory of banquet supplies and make sure that any low stocks are replenished immediately.
• Handle purchasing and requisition procedures and maintain records of inventory and labor cost.
• Consistently check banquet food and beverage quality, service and presentation.
• Interview, hire and train employees to work as part of the banquet team.
• Liaise with the food and beverage manager to ensure that customers’ needs are being met.

FOUR SEASONS, Proctor, AR (1/2009 to 5/2010)
Assistant Banquet Manager
• Assisted in handling staff scheduling duties.
• Ascertained that a sufficient number of staff members are present at all times.
• Assisted by hiring and training banquet staff members.
• Motivated and coached staff members to ensure that they work towards achieving the food service goals of the company.
• Coordinated the set-up and clearing up of each banquet event.
• Ascertained that sufficient supplies were available by keeping track of the inventory.
• Responded to customers’ complaints and special requests to ensure delivery of exceptional customer services.

Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Management
Major: Food and Beverage Services