Maid Job Description for Resume

Updated on: August 18, 2018

Maids work at residential, healthcare and hospitality facilities. Mostly they work from home to home, traveling in small teams and are required to manage cleaning of an entire house from living rooms to bathrooms to kitchens.

The position of a maid requires the candidate to be physically dexterous because the amount of work can be overwhelming. A maid’s cleaning rates are usually set by the hour but may charge according to the type of work that they are required to do. Since this is a job of great responsibility and accountability, maids are hired after a lot of scrutinies as most household owners may not be present when a maid comes in to clean. Background and criminal records are therefore checked meticulously before hiring a maid.


Maids are not required to possess a degree, and a high school diploma is usually enough for this position. Since this is a skills-based job, some training is required to ensure that the work is done in a professional manner owing to the personal angle of the job.

Take a look at the following list of job duties and responsibilities for a maid.

Sample Job Description for Maid Resume

• Clean and sanitize rooms, kitchens, lobbies and other work areas
• Empty wastebaskets and empty ashtrays
• Carry linen and towels to the laundry area
• Wash linen and towels and hang up to dry
• Run errands and purchase groceries
• Wash bathrooms
• Dust all assigned areas
• Replace light bulbs as and when required
• Wash dishes as and when asked to
• Clean and wash rugs and upholsteries
• Perform vacuuming services
• Organize cupboards