Licensed practical nurses more commonly known as LPNs work in a number of healthcare facilities including hospitals, clinics, private homes and retirement facilities. They usually take their orders from a supervisor and are expected to provide direct patient care to the patients assigned to them.

Licensed practical nurses are required to obtain specialized training in their field from a vocational center. LPNs may take these courses online or in special school depending on their own decision. The first step towards LPN certification is finding a school that is accredited with the National League of Nursing Accrediting Commission. It is important that whatever course you do is recognized by the board of nursing of the state that you are living in.

Some popular schools that offer accredited LPN programs are listed below:
1. Kaplan University
2. University of Phoenix
3. Walden University
4. Liberty University
5. Keiser University
6. California University of Pennsylvania
7. Independence University
8. South University

The standard courses in LPN program includes:
• Fundamentals of Practical Nursing
• Structure and Function of the Human Body
• Concepts of Basic Medical and Surgical Nursing Care
• Nursing Care of Adults and Children
• Nursing Care of the Adult

LPN courses provide nurses with the opportunity to become an expert in their field and to move on to further ventures. They also enable them to master various areas of nursing and boast of making nurses true professionals. Medical and health facilities do not hire nursing professionals who do not hold a certification as the healthcare industry is a sensitive one and the need for true professionalism is very important. Once an LPN course is completed, a test is taken in order to verify that the candidate has indeed acquired the skills that are necessary to this trade.