Sample Paralegal Cover Letter with Little Experience

Updated on: July 8, 2020

Do you need to write a cover letter to apply for a Paralegal job when you have little experience in hand? Yes, you have to write in almost all cases.

Your paralegal cover letter may make the difference between obtaining a paralegal interview or having your job application ignored. Therefore, it is necessary to invest time and effort in writing a catchy cover letter.

The following sample paralegal cover letter contains all information that will get your application noticed. Review the content for what to include in a cover letter and how to format it. Feel free to modify this example as per your specific requirements.

Sample Cover Letter for Paralegal with Little Experience

Ray Franklin
536 5th Street
Rensselaer, IN 25102
(000) 120-5254
Ray @ email . com

July 8, 2020

Mr. Jeff Larson
Hiring Manager
Lockheed Martin
20 Some Boulevard
Rensselaer, IN 00210

Dear Mr. Larson:

As a competent paralegal who has 2+ years’ relevant experience, I am applying for a Paralegal position at Lockheed Martin. My legal assisting skills, coupled with the enthusiasm to excel, make me an excellent contender.

As can be seen in the attached resume, I am very expert in interviewing clients, witnesses, and victims, along with a deep insight into managing detailed research work to find case precedents. Specifically, my skills include:

  • Performing initial case assessments and investigating claims by using trustable avenues.
  • Researching aspects of cases aimed at discovering facts of the matter particularly.
  • Identifying and contacting experts to help with various aspects of cases, including investigation and tailing.

I would enjoy speaking with you in person about how I could exceed your expectations in the role of a Paralegal.  I will call you next Monday to see if we are able to schedule a meeting date to discuss this in detail.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.


Ray Franklin