The dilemma of writing paralegal cover letters is a constant in our professional lives. There is little that we can do to make this constant nagging feeling that we haven’t “done well” in writing a cover letter go away. This is natural. Since so much depends on us writing a good cover letter, it is hardly surprising that we get the jitters when it is time to write one.

However, our cover letter writing endeavors are what get us to a stage where we are considered “great employees.” Or at least, they have the capacity to do this. Writing dull, mundane and ordinary cover letters never inspire interviews. Ones that have a lot to say about our ability to handle the work that will eventually be meted out to us does. This is how the chain goes:

Good cover letter writing -> Gaining hiring manager’s favor -> Obtaining interviews -> Hiring success

This is how a perfect chain should be, beginning from writing that all important cover letter. By writing one, you should be aiming at the last stage – the hiring part. This is your prime goal when you write to a prospective employer to tell him about your existence and ability to contribute to his organization.

A sample paralegal cover letter with little experience in hand should be written along these lines:


Paralegal Cover Letter with Little Experience


Ray Franklin
536 5th Street
Rensselaer, IN 25102
(000) 120-5254
Ray @ email . com

April 3, 2016

Mr. Jeff Larson
Hiring Manager
Lockheed Martin
20 Some Boulevard
Rensselaer, IN 00210


Dear Mr. Larson:

As a competent paralegal who has 2 years’ extensive experience in interviewing clients, witnesses and victims, along with deep insight into managing detailed research work to find case precedents, you will find me immediately contributory.

Explicitly, my expertise lies in the following areas:

• Performing initial case assessments and investigating claims by using trustable avenues
• Researching aspects of cases aimed at discovering facts of the matter particularly
• Identifying and contacting experts to help with various aspects of cases, including investigation and tailing

I would enjoy speaking with you in person about how I could exceed your expectations in the role of a Paralegal.  I will call you on Monday to see if we are able to schedule a meeting date to discuss this in detail.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.



Ray Franklin