Notary Public Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on April 19, 2018

The importance of preparing for an interview is not lost on people who have tasted the fruits of being interview-prepared.

Interviews are critical and that is why so much emphasis is placed on preparing well for them.

In every interview for notary public position, there are some job-specific and some personality-specific questions that are asked of the candidate.

So going in prepared for what you know about the job only isn’t going to help you ultimately. You will have to be ready to be grilled on how much you know about being a good coworker and/or an underlying. Can you handle it?

Interviews are typically designed to gauge candidates on many levels. You never know what angle you will be cornered from. So go in prepared for war!

There is one more thing that you need to understand about interviews and interviewers. Both are hell-bent on confusing you endlessly. And it is up to you to not let them do this. If you succeed, you will be rewarded – with a job.

For a job interview for a notary public position, here are a few questions (and possible answers) that you can look through to prepare. Take a peek!

Notary Public Interview Questions and Answers

As a notary public, are you authorized to prepare legal documents?
No. Notary publics are not allowed to prepare legal documents. They can prepare affidavits and depositions and can endorse legal documents though.

Have you ever been in a situation where your good judgment saved the day?
There was a time when I was called upon to notarize documents of a property meant to be sold the next day. When I read the address, I had an inkling that I had heard of it in some context. The client insisted it was an absolute clean deal. However, I had my suspicions which is why I kept the client on hold for an hour while I performed some verifications. It turned out that the property in question had litigation attached to it due to a previous deal had gone sour. Had the buyer bought it, he would have been stuck. I called the authorities to apprehend the client immediately.

Apart from signing and stamping documents, what are the other duties of a notary republic?
In some states, notary publics can also perform marriage ceremonies. But Maine, Florida and South Carolina are the only three states that allow this. It is also the job of a notary public to make sure that all notarized documents are filed properly.

What professions require the services of a notary public?
A growing number of industries are now hiring notary public. Some of these are law firms, insurance agencies, financial concerns and the real estate industry.

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