Top 10 Legal Secretary Resume Summary Examples

Updated July 21, 2021
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A legal secretary resume summary is a short account of what you are capable of doing and how you intend to become an asset to the company where you are striving to get a job.

When you write a legal secretary summary statement, your main focus should be on your skills as a legal secretary and the ability to contribute to that specific employer.

Yes, each resume that you write will need to have a different resume summary statement. Limit your content to four lines – definitely not go beyond 5 lines as you don’t want it to seem as if you are rambling on and on. Make sure you sound genuine by making the information accurate and to the point.

Here are a few examples of summaries for a legal secretary resume:

Legal Secretary Resume Summary Examples With Experience

1. Top-performing Legal Secretary with 16 years’ solid track record of conserving attorneys’ time by handling case-related research work, preparing related reports, and initiating communication with witnesses and victims. Skilled in maintaining calendars by planning and scheduling meetings, conferences, and dispositions. Associate’s Degree in Law.

2. Detail-oriented, energetic Legal Secretary with 13 years of experience working in busy law firms. Extremely competent at preparing and processing legal documents such as summonses, complaints, appeals, and subpoenas. A customer service-oriented professional who has a track record of scheduling appointments, handling follow-up duties, and organizing and maintaining law libraries and case files.

3. Accomplished Legal Secretary with 3 years of progressive experience in fast-paced legal settings. Demonstrated outstanding client service, calendar maintenance, and legal research skills along with a great ability to collate information relevant to specific cases.

4. A highly motivated legal secretary with a strong vision to achieve successful outcomes for clients through thorough precedence research abilities. Track record of assisting lawyers and paralegals to perform complex secretarial duties. Able to manage extensive word processing tasks with a special focus on handling revisions to complex pleadings.

5. Results-driven and dependable Legal Secretary with a demonstrated ability to take the initiative to spot problems in legal proceedings and managing complex attorney calendars. High-level integrity with a great sense of urgency aimed at working successfully under pressure. Strong familiarity with legal terminology and legal processes.

6. Service-oriented and diligent legal secretary with nearly four years of experience in organizing trial schedules, identifying witnesses, and preparing and serving subpoenas. Proven track record of following pre-trial procedures, retaining necessary professionals, and assembling litigation materials. Exceptional talent for performing general legal secretarial duties, processing mail, managing calendars, opening accounts, and organizing and maintaining electronic and paper client files.

7. Accomplished and results-oriented individual with extensive experience in rendering legal services and preparing for trials. Highly developed legal skills coupled with knowledge of legal research directives. A talented professional who is well versed in preparing pleadings for court filings. Excellent grammar, punctuation, proofreading, and composition skills.

Entry Level Legal Secretary Resume Summary Examples (No Experience)

8. Enthusiastic Legal Secretary with a demonstrated ability to prepare legal documents, answering the phone, organizing diaries, and preparing court forms. Offering a polished demeanor with excellent customer service and communication skills. Specialized courses in performing legal research.

9. Motivated Legal Secretary with a sound knowledge of arranging legal paperwork, coordinating court dates, and conducting detailed research in legal matters. Able to accurately transcribe court proceedings and meetings by ensuring the integrity of data through thorough rechecking.

10. Proactive individual who has deep insight into managing an attorney’s office efficiently by preparing forms such as accident reports and courtroom requests, proofreading and editing legal documents, and setting up and maintaining efficient case filing systems.

Additional Guidelines to Help you Write a Legal Secretary Resume Summary Statement

Your resume profile statement should indicate the following:

• Self-introduction
• Mention the role that you fit in
• Emphasizing your ability to handle the responsibilities in the said role

If you want to write a good profile statement, you will need to be:

• Crystal clear about your career direction
• Able to position yourself as someone who can do precisely what the employer wants you to do
• Ready to edict proof that you are a tailored fit for the job

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