Legal Secretary Resume Summary Examples

Updated on February 27, 2016

Not everyone uses objectives to begin their resumes. For entry level jobs or those that denote career path changes, an objective is great. But if you have worked in a certain industry for some time, it is best to write a resume summary to define your worth to a prospective employer. A legal secretary resume summary is a short account of what you are capable of doing and how you intend to become an asset to the company where you are striving to get a job.

Sounds the same as a resume objective? Perhaps. The resume objective however, is a brief insight into the candidate’s abilities. A summary is more profound and allows for a deeper insight. Both may look the same but they aren’t as they are used for different purposes – mentioned earlier.

When you write a summary, your main focus should be on your ability to contribute to that specific employer. Yes, each resume that you write will need to host a defined and original resume summary. Limit your content to four lines – definitely not go beyond 5 lines as you don’t want it to seem as if you are rambling on and on. Make sure you sound genuine by making the information accurate and to the point.

Here are a few examples of summaries for legal secretary resume:

Legal Secretary Resume Summary Examples

• Top-performing Legal Secretary with a 6+ years’ solid track record of conserving attorneys’ time by handling case-related research work, preparing related reports and initiating communication with witnesses and victims. Skilled in maintaining calendars by planning and scheduling meetings, conferences and dispositions.

• Detail-oriented, energetic individual with 3 years’ experience as a Legal Secretary. Extremely competent at preparing and processing legal documents such as summonses, complaints, appeals and subpoenas. A customer service-oriented professional who has a track record of scheduling appointments, handling follow-up duties and organizing and maintaining law libraries and case files.

• Accomplished Legal Secretary with 3 years of progressive experience in a legal setting. Demonstrated outstanding client service, calendar maintenance and legal research skills along with a great ability to collate information relevant to specific cases.

For Non-Experienced Legal Secretary

• Motivated Legal Secretary with a sound knowledge of arranging legal paperwork, coordinating court dates and conducting detailed research in legal matters. Able to accurately transcribe court proceedings and meetings by ensuring integrity of data through thorough rechecking.

• Proactive individual who has deep insight into managing an attorney’s office efficiently by preparing forms such as accident reports and courtroom requests, proofreading and editing legal documents and setting up and maintaining efficient case filing systems.

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