Job Description and Duties

Law clerks work in legal offices where they are required to manage the administrative and clerical side of the office. This is a support role which requires an individual to manage an attorney or judge’s work in respect to legal documentation and research work.

If you are a law graduate and are looking for a position in this regard, the following cover letter sample will give you a good starting point.



Sample Cover Letter for Law Clerk Resume


6552 Greenshire Avenue
Claymont, DE 55554

March 10, 2016

Mr. Joseph Moore
Hiring Administrator
Alpha Associates
3577 Benro Drive
Claymont, DE 66802


Dear Mr. Moore:

I am a law graduate from the University of Claymont and possess a keen interest in working with Alpha Associates where I can utilize my knowledge of administrative and research work in a highly stimulating environment. I am positive that my credentials will help me succeed at your office.

As indicated in my resume, I am extremely skilled in assisting lawyers by interviewing clients, witnesses and other linked parties, gathering documentary evidence, arranging trial briefs, and organizing documents for trials. Moreover, I have a demonstrated ability to arrange wills, real estate transactions, court reports, affidavits and other legal documents. My aptitude to draft legal correspondence and carrying out general office and clerical duties gives me a strong edge.

Possessing excellent knowledge of legal terminology along with a keen sense of managing research work associated with individual cases, I am confident that I have it in me to be an asset to your company. My organizational skills and the ability to prepare legal paperwork speak volumes for my suitability in this regard.

I am very excited at the prospect of working with you and learning more about the Alpha Associates. I will call your office next week to set up an appointment to meet and will be available at (000) 333-3413 in the interim.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



William Jackson

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