6 Best Objectives for Legal Assistant Resume

Updated February 7, 2021
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Legal assistant resume objectives outline the jobseeker’s passion for an available position. These short snippets hold a lot of importance on how the job seeker is considered for the position.

Hiring managers depend highly on what we have to say as candidates – if we provide a short yet powerful objective statement that tells them that we have skills and enthusiasm, we can guarantee ourselves a job!

As the first introduction to you as a candidate, the resume objective plays an important role in a resume. Most employers will consider a resume incomplete if it does not have a career objective.

Technically, a Legal Assistant resume objective needs to outline an individual’s ability to handle the job in 3 sentences or less. If written in a profound manner, a resume objective forces the reader to give you a chance for an interview. 

In order to write a professional objective statement for your resume, take ideas from the following samples:

Top 6 Legal Assistant Resume Objective Examples

Experienced Legal Assistant Objectives

1. Seeking a position as a Legal Assistant at ABC Firm. Offers 4+ years’ verifiable track record of managing, preparing, and organizing legal documents, and performing detailed legal research to contribute to the success of the company.

2. To obtain a Legal Assistant position at XYZ Law Firm utilizing hands-on experience in conducting legal research, developing precedents, and formatting briefs, pleadings, and other legal documents.

3. Seeking a Legal Assistant position at Rogers Townsend LLP to leverage experience in conducting investigations, preparing case briefs, and summarizing dispositions, along with an exceptional insight into locating and developing case-relevant information and juggling attorney calendars

For Entry Level Legal Assistant Resume Objectives

4. Seeking a position as a Legal Assistant at ABC Attorneys to make the most of knowledge in developing cases by maintaining effective contact with people, scheduling dispositions, and preparing and forwarding summonses.

5. Looking for a Legal Assistant position at Snell and Wilmer using exceptional comprehension of enhancing trial proceedings by organizing evidence, preparing exhibits, and scheduling witnesses.

6. To contribute to Akerman LLP as a Legal Assistant by employing skills in composing various legal documentation, handling calendaring and scheduling duties, and conducting preliminary research work.