Sample Cover Letter for General Labor Position

Updated on: October 19, 2015

Have you ever thought of a cover letter as something that is “alive”? Well, they are. Cover letters sell a candidate’s personality and qualifications to a hiring manager and help him decide favorably for them. If you send your resume out into the big bad world of employment without a cover letter guardian, you are asking for trouble. Do not ever risk the reputation of your resume by sending it out alone.

Here are a few benefits that cover letters provide to your candidature:

• You leave interviews on the table if you skip cover letters so make sure that you always send in one
• Resumes are seldom read, cover letters are always read
• Cover letters target the employers’ needs immediately and showcase your attractive personality
• As a means of communication, cover letters provide employers with information how good you are in communicating with others

So whether you are writing a cover letter for a position in which you have had ample experience or one where experience was never a friend, you have to write it with one thing in mind:

What benefit I can give to the employer in sync with what he is looking for.

And your work is done! Here is a sample cover letter for a general labor position:


Sample Cover Letter for General Labor Position


545 5th Street
Theodore, AL 32321

October 19, 2015

Brad Perez
Hiring Manager
The Construction Co.
8 Rester Road
Theodore, AL 36172


Dear Mr. Perez:

The intricacies of working at construction sites and the challenges that they pose make working as a general laborer all the more intriguing for an enthusiast such as me. Knowing that this enthusiasm is what guarantees success in this world, I would like to offer my passion for working at this position to The Construction Co.

A few of my professional achievements:

• Trained 15 newly hired laborers through an extensive apprenticeship program
• Decreased cost of maintenance by 50% by implementing preventative maintenance on all tools and equipment required
• Designed a new materials inventory system that reduced pulling time by 60%

If you are in need of a general laborer who is careful, hardworking and physically agile, your search ends here. To provide you demonstrations of what I can do, I will call your office to set a meeting soon. Please call me at (111) 111-1111 if you need to speak to me in the interim.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Evan Hans

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