Phlebotomist Resume Sample

Updated on: September 17, 2015

When looking through a Phlebotomist resume, the first thought that comes to a hiring manager’s mind is does this applicant possess the skills I am looking for? And the first thing that you as a candidate have to do is to make sure that you possess the skills and attributes the hiring manager is looking for.

Easier said than done, we know. Phlebotomist Resume building is one of the most difficult steps in the world of job applications. But it is also the most necessary, as a resume is where your professional story will begin. So give resume writing your time and effort.

Let us help you with a sample here:


Phlebotomist Resume Sample


Jessica Johns

318 Lamplighter Lane ● Brookfield, WI 33445 ● (000) 147-7478 ● jess.john @ email . com


PERFORMANCE SUMMARY: Competent, focused phlebotomist with a 5+ years’ track record of obtaining and proper handling of blood samples. Well-versed in handling laboratory procedures to ensure appropriate testing of blood samples and reporting.

• Hands-on experience in drawing blood from a diverse set of patients including babies and the elderly
• Qualified to decipher best methods of drawing blood, depending on specific patients
• Documented success in centrifuging blood samples, in accordance to specific protocols of the laboratory
• Adept at obtaining blood samples by employing a variety of methods including venipunctures and finger-sticks


● Patient verification ● Specimen integrity ● Therapeutic drug monitoring
● Glucose testing ● Infection control ● Diagnostic procedures
● Isolation procedures ● Collection logs ● Collection procedures
● Sample Labeling ● Sample transportation ● Specimen preparation


MOUNTAIN WEST MEDICAL CENTER, Brookfield, WI (3/2013 to Present)
• Greet patients and review lab request forms to determine what tests need to be performed
• Schedule testing appointments and prepare specimen labels
• Verify patient information by inquiring into patient identity and check patient tags to re-verify patient information
• Use a variety of blood obtaining procedures such as venipunctures and butterfly needle punctures to draw blood
• Collect samples in pre-labeled sample bottles and ensure that they are properly stored
• Affix appropriate labels on specimens and prepare specimens for delivery / shipment purposes
• Dispose of biological waste and needles in an appropriate and safe manner
• Handle patient registration and order entry into the laboratory database system
• Log in drawn specimens and add footnotes where appropriate
• Provide patients with information on what to expect during blood drawing and when to expect results

• Introduced a sample labeling system which decreased chances of inaccuracies by 80%
• Implemented infection control procedures to ensure that laboratory staff members do not succumb to blood-borne diseases

LAREDO MEDICAL LABORATORY, Brookfield, WI (8/2010 to 3/2013)
Lab Assistant
• Looked through specific lab requests to determine which tests needed to be performed
• Verified patient information to ensure that the right tests are being performed on the right patients
• Drew blood from patients and collected other body samples such as stool and urine and ensured that they are stored them in proper containers
• Ascertained that all specimens are prepared according to specific testing procedures
• Provided patients with information on when to expect test results
• Logged in specimen and patient information into laboratory database

• Suggested a 3 way patient verification system which resulted in decreased imprecisions during patient verification procedures
• Devised a novel specimen transportation procedure aimed at ensuring that specimens are delivered to target laboratories in a fresh state


Bachelor’s Degree in Laboratory Sciences

State of Wisconsin Licensed Phlebotomist