6 Entry Level Phlebotomy Resume Objective Examples

Updated January 12, 2022
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Candidates seeking an entry-level position in the Phlebotomy arena need to start their resumes with a compelling objective statement.

Because a summary is difficult to write due to a lack of experience in the case of first-timers and fresh graduates – an objective statement is more suitable for entry-level candidates with no experience in hand.

As a career objective is the first section of the resume, therefore, it should be highly relevant and focused.

An objective statement typically states the position being sought in addition to one or more core competencies, along with the intention of using the relevant skills in favor of the hiring organization

Below are some sample statements of the objective for entry-level phlebotomy positions.

Entry Level Phlebotomist Resume Objective Examples

Employers usually prefer very brief and to-the-point career objectives. It is a very good idea to state your objective in a compact form and mention only two or three of your relevant skills.

1. Seeking work as a Phlebotomist at XYZ labs. Offering skills and expertise in sample collection, blood analysis, and report preparation.

2. Looking for a position as a Phlebotomist with an organization where strong knowledge and expertise in blood sampling and analyzing can be fully utilized.

Another way to write an objective statement is to demonstrate a passion for the position. This method is effective for entry-level candidates having no experience:

3. To become a contributing part of the committed team of professionals at XYZ labs. Bringing capabilities in blood specimen processing, bleeding time procedures, and analysis of samples for micro growth and composition in the capacity of a phlebotomist.

4. To secure a position as a phlebotomist where skills and knowledge of blood testing, centrifugation techniques, and specimen liquating would come in handy for smooth and effective lab reporting.

5. To work for XYZ Labs as a Phlebotomist. Bringing competencies of sample collection, test running, and reporting, in alignment with the federally approved lab test practices.

If you feel you have enough skills to flaunt for a summary but do not want to take the chance, you can suit your purpose by forming an objective statement that sounds more like a profile and less like an objective.

6. Certified phlebotomist looking for a challenging job with ABC Labs. Bringing skills in specimen analysis and lab reporting, as well as extensive knowledge of chemical analysis, to contribute to the efficiency of the laboratory.

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