The Best Jobs in 2017

With technology that changes virtually every day and the corresponding requirements for appropriate personnel, it is no wonder that the demands for jobs keep changing rapidly.

Life is getting more and more difficult to cope with as rising inflation and global economic recession took the place of job security.

Getting a good job is becoming difficult increasingly but selecting a trendy profession will make it easy to get a highly paid job rapidly.

Let us have a look at what 2017 is expected to bring in terms of the best job choices.


The Best Jobs in 2017

1. Nurses
There is no way the demand for nursing professionals will ever go down. With increasing health issues and more and more people opting to hire nurses at home, this profession is definitely going places. Besides RN and LPN, Nursing Assistants are in highest demand all over the world.

2. Computer Engineers
We talk of technology boom? Well, these are the people responsible for it! We cannot do without them. So 2017 is expected to open a lot of jobs for computer engineers both software and hardware.

3. Financial Advisers
Whether money comes in or goes out, we all need the advice of a good financial adviser which is why the finance industry is one industry that will always be in high demand.

4. Dental Hygienists
Employment in this particular field is expected to grow by at least 38% in the coming years as there seems to be a lot of demand for dentists but unfortunately not enough dentists practicing on a regular basis.

5. Human Resources Managers
It is strange and a bit unfortunate that not many people have been pursuing careers in human resources. One reason could be the fact that working in HR is not the easiest job in the world and the responsibility is huge as HR managers are responsible for a major part of what an employee does inside an organization. However, if you are looking to earn six figures a year, this may be just the right career for you!

The global recession has made it somewhat tiresome to secure high paying jobs. However, if your education is commensurate with jobs that are the trend in the coming years, there is a very good chance that you will be earning very well, very soon!

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