The world as we know it is fast changing – the transition from what “was” to what it “will be” is not going to be easy, especially for people who are following a certain educational path that will lead to predetermined careers.

Knowing where the America is heading in terms of work opportunities is important. The year 2018 may not seem too far but a lot is expected to change where careers are concerned. Job “types” are fast changing, giving way to newer positions that were either not considered viable only a few years ago, or were not considered at all.

Let’s see what America is expected to see in the year 2018, where best jobs of the year are concerned:


Best Jobs in America for 2018

5- Environmental Engineering Technicians
With weather patterns changing drastically and the effects that global warming is expected to have on us and the generations that follow, many people are now taking environmental engineering seriously. Since many companies are also looking into following green practices as part of their social corporate responsibility, the work of environmental engineering technicians is expected to be colossal. With a projected increase of 30% in 2018, training as an environmental engineering technician may be a good idea right about now!

4- Computer Software Engineers
As long as there is technology, computer software engineers will never go out of fashion. To meet the growing technology needs of organizations and individuals, including Internet applications and system safety, these people have a great future, with a projected increase of 30% in the coming year.

3- Self-enrichment Teachers
With more and more people diversifying their careers in hopes of learning new things, the work of self-enrichment teachers is expected to be more challenging than ever in 2018. If you are the type who likes to develop students in arts, music, foreign languages and crafts, or want to focus on their life skills such as cooking, personal finance or time management, you may think along the career of a self-enrichment teacher – a projected increase of 32% is expected in this career in 2018!

2- Skin Care Specialists
We don’t really need to go into why skin care specialists are everybody’s heroes nowadays! With a projected increase of 37% in this career line, enrolling in a training program, whether at the high school level or in post-secondary vocational school, is bound to give your career a boost!

1- Personal and Home Care Aides
Eruption of many rehabilitation and care homes of late, and the constant need for looking after the elderly has placed this profession at a point where its projected growth is expected to be at a staggering 46% in the year 2018. This may be a great long-term career for you if you find it fulfilling to help people who cannot help themselves too well.