2020 Job Trends in the US, Canada, and Australia

Updated on June 30, 2019

The world of developed countries is usually stable as far as job trends are concerned.

The three most stable countries in the world – the United States, Canada, and Australia all have one thing in common; job trends.


And oddly enough, job trends do not change on a yearly basis so we will just talk about what we predict the future 2020 will hold for all these countries in terms of jobs and employment.

The top ten occupations that have had the highest growth in the last 5 years in the US, Canada, and Australia have been:

1. Healthcare
2. Information Technology
3. Engineering
4. Education
5. Customer Services
6. Telecommunication
7. Marketing
8. Business Administration
9. Accounting
10. Support Services

While these are not listed in the priority that they are popular in, most people are expected to look for jobs in these industries because these have been the most successful in the last few years.

It is interesting to note that students right out of high school are striving to acquire degrees in marketing, education, and accounting as these occupations seem to have the best future outlook in the years beyond 2020 as well.

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In order to estimate what type of jobs are getting to be popular the most in the next year or so, we must understand the needs of the general populace of a country.

Doctors’ offices are doing very well due to the increase in illnesses and the medical breakthroughs that are doing the rounds.

All these estimates are just that – estimates.

No one can predict for sure what the next year will bring in terms of popular job trends as unexpected circumstances, unanticipated natural disasters, and new technology.

However, based on current trends and business news, it may be prudent to make educated guesses about what employment trends will be like in the next few years.

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