Meter readers are employed by utility companies to read meter counters as per zone and stop use of energy through illegal connections. A meter reader requires capturing a speedy record of several thousand meters of his assigned zone.

Meter Readers usually work alone on a recognized route under the supervision of a chief Meter Reader. They work mainly outdoors in all kinds of climate. They may stumble upon potential hazards such as dangerous pets and vertical basement stairs.


Meter Reader Job Description

Meter readers perform some or all of the following duties. These duties phrases will work effectively in a meter reader resume.

• Take readings of meter dials / counters in manually (route books) or on hand-held units
• Take picture of meter through HHU (Hand Held Unit) for record
• Drive a vehicle (usually commercial / industrial meter readers) or walk (domestic) on an established route
• Examine meters and related connections for defects, damages, and illegal connections
• Record and report any illegal issue to the service department
• Check for strange changes in amounts used and give details for them
• Return the route book or the hand-held device (microcomputer) to the business office for the uploading of reads to the online billing system and preparation of bills
• Turn on service for new residents
• Turn off service in vacant premises or because of nonpayment of bills

The tools and equipment used by Meter Readers might include:
• Hand Held Units
• Flashlights
• Business forms
• Route books