Following are the standard job duties of a cater waiter. Keep in mind that these duties are flexible and a cater waiter might perform additional duties as assigned by management. You may use these statements to make an effective cater waiter resume.

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Cater Waiter Duties

• Manage food stock and all equipment in the eating place and bar department

• Provide proficient service of food and/or beverages of passengers in a restaurant station

• Greet all patrons in the restaurant station at the beginning and end of every meal

• Collaborate baggage handling, as stated by supervisor or manager

• Help with the taking of the restaurant record as per company’s directives

• Contribution in the involved training program

• Perform a variety of preliminary duties prior to and at the end of the season

• Maintain active contact with passengers in the restaurant

• In charge of cleaning of parts of the eating place, back offices and workrooms as directed

• Carry out daily cashing-up tasks of the generated income

• Help with F&B activities (cocktails, welcome- and goodbye parties, day tea etc.)

• Assist to other departments

• Clean and dust restaurant glassware