Postmaster Job Description for Resume

Updated October 30, 2022
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Position Overview

The position of a postmaster is the highest there is in a post office capacity.

Postmasters are responsible for ensuring that the postal office that they are assigned to is run smoothly.

They handle a huge array of duties including managing staff members, ensuring high customer service standards, intervening in problems to resolve them, and making sure that budgets are properly administered.

Position Requirements

Eligibility requirements to work as a postmaster include a high school diploma or a GED at the very least.

You might be considered a good option to hire if you have worked your way up within a post office environment.

Having worked as a mail attendant or mail carrier will give you great exposure to this work, allowing you to understand what leading a postal office is all about.

Required Skills

Great leadership skills
Ability to ensure confidentiality of the items
Exceptional skills in handling both incoming and outgoing mail
Excellent customer service abilities
Deep knowledge of postal services as they relate to the policies of the state
Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills
Critical thinking 

Here is a list of duties that are particular to this position. You can use these job description statements to build your resume or advertise a job.

Job Description for Postmaster Resume

• Oversee the day-to-day operations of the postal office, ensuring that they are properly handled at every level.

• Supervise postal activities such as incoming and outgoing mail operations to ensure that they conform to the rules and procedures of the facility.

• Interview, hire and train employees at every level within the postal facility to ensure delivery of exceptional customer services.

• Resolve customers’ complaints by intervening in difficult-to-handle situations, aiming to ensure repeat business from them.

• Ensure that all rent for post boxes is collected and submitted to the accounts office in a timely manner.

• Create and implement plans to ensure that all postal office activities are carried out in a manner conducive to rules and regulations.

• Evaluate the performance of postal office workers to ensure that they are working optimally.

• Create and implement work schedules for staff members and ensure that they follow them properly.

• Develop reports of the postal office’s weekly or monthly activities and submit them to state authorities.

• Ensure that all postal office equipment such as stamp dispensers is in proper working order and maintained in a timely fashion.