Job Overview

A Dispensing Audiologist is responsible for managing diagnostic audiology tests that let the separation between types of hearing disorders. The Dispensing Audiologist provides hearing aid testing, collection and fitting to all people irrespective of their age.

Dispensing Audiologist Duties and Responsibilities

Dispensing Audiologist performs some or all of the following duties:

• Perform hearing tests, pick suitable amplification, orders product, programs and fits best digital hearing aids

• Establish relationship with and collect history from patients, conduct audiometric testing, ABR and ENG and make advice for hearing aids

• Plan and put rehabilitation programs into practice

• Formulate ear impressions and ear molds and order instruments

• Fit hearing aids and help with any adjustments, questions or problems

• Counsel hearing impaired adults and relatives of hearing impaired children

• Supervise workers and directs all kinds of operation of Hearing Center

• Take part in Hearing Aid Dispenser duties

• Perform ending measures for appropriate verification

• Maintain client computer files

• Offer a high level of member service

• Schedule, build up, counsel, and direct department workers

• Observes worker performance to make sure proper department procedures and standards are followed

• Manage audiometric tests

• Diagnose and assess degree of hearing impairment

• Provide training and education as required

• Provide and ensure timely and polite member service

• Evaluate department sales, budget, and efficiency figures

• Develop and put sales plan into practice

• Carry out off-site marketing to boost sales

• Program hearing aids by means of a computer

• Prepare and maintain documents and patient files