Deli Clerk Job Description for Resume

Updated June 16, 2019

A Deli or Bakery Clerk arranges, prepares, serves and stocks bakery and deli food products to customers while maintaining high standards of safety and sanitation.

When writing a job description or experience section of a resume, write short but explanatory phrases to portray your achievements and job responsibilities.

Use action verbs to maximize the impact of your statements.

Be short and precise.

Ensure that verb tenses and punctuation are constant. Then place the phrases in order of significance to the job duty.

The Job Description and accomplishments on your deli clerk resume must ultimately be targeted to deal with an employer’s requirements.


Sample Job Description for Deli Clerk Resume

• Prepared bakery and deli items

• Unloaded deli products and transfer stock to storage areas

• Sliced, cut, weighed, and priced stock

• Sold deli products by providing customers with the information

• Helped customers to make product-related decisions

• Filled, maintained and rotated products and displays

• Prepared sandwich, salad, vegetable, and fruits trays

• Operated meat and cheese slicers

• Labeled deli products with appropriate dates and prices

• Handled all products properly while meeting local health and safety standards

• Upheld shelves and maintained cases filled at all times

• Operated a cash register

• Maintained courteous and friendly attitude toward customers

• Controlled freshness by rotating and coding all products and remove out-of-code merchandise

• Tagged all products legibly in line with the price book

• Maintained fresh items and weekly specials

• Promoted latest items and weekly specials

• Greeted all visitors and customers in a professional manner

• Cleaned and sanitized the entire work area

• Answered phone and took orders for particular requested items

• Abided by all business policies as stated in the worker handbook


Deli Clerk Position Requirements

  • A high school diploma or GED
  • Ability to work flexible hours
  • Providing excellent customer service
  • Able to maintain high standards for product freshness and sanitation

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