Counter girls are the front desk employees who perform important customer service tasks in the retail, hospitality and rental business sectors. They are responsible for providing customers with details about products, sell merchandise, record sales and collect cash.

Counter girls perform some or all of the following duties:

Counter Girl Job Description

• Greet and assist customers professionally and confidently
• Build up and maintain customer relationships
• Receive phone calls and forward to concerned employees
• Source and obtain direct consignment, special and rush order items in an appropriate manner
• Explain business policies and procedures such as warranty information, deposit required and return policy
• Take and record customer information
• Maintain and sum up daily counter cash drawer
• Display merchandise on racks
• Deal with customer complaints appropriately
• Provide customers with information regarding latest products and services
• Provide accurate pricing, record, and delivery information
• Assist clients in loading objects on their vehicles upon request
• Keep counter area clean and organized
• Help coworkers with store duties as required
• Assist managers in conducting material inventories
• Enter quotations, orders, cash sales, requests for credit quickly, fully and exactly as needed
• Expedite returned and faulty material
• Pull customer orders quickly and accurately
• Maintain profit margins on cash sales