Census Enumerator Job Description and Duties for Resume

Updated on: September 17, 2020
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Census Enumerator Job Description

Census enumerators conduct visits and surveys to determine data that can be used to create a demographic profile of a country’s economy and its citizens.

They are hired on a project basis – the US Census Bureau needs this information every ten years so that they can create this demographic profile which is why census enumerators may not be hired on a regular basis.

It is very important for census enumerators to know how accuracy will affect the outcome of their work.

This is why there is much emphasis placed on how well they are trained; census enumerators must know how residents are defined in an official capacity and how they need to be counted.

A mistake in counting 100 people less in a city means a significant amount of loss of state revenue!

It is important for census enumerators to be good conversationalists as they interview people on a daily basis during the span of a census project.

They need to be keen listeners and have the capacity to take information quickly and accurately.

Census enumerators also need to perform some administrative duties such as creating reports and handling minor accounting activities.

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Census Enumerator Job Duties for Resume

• Chart out plans to visit residents of a specified city

• Create survey sheets or work on predefined surveys to gather census information

• Conduct an extensive and thorough visual survey of areas that need to be covered during the census taking the procedure

• Contact people through telephone, email and in-person to obtain pertinent data

• Physically travel to residents’ homes to interview them

• Ask questions pertaining to name, age, religious preference and state of residency

• Explain the objectives of surveys and their procedures to people who are to be interviewed

• Interpret interview questions to assist people in understanding them and providing eloquent answers

• Assist people in filling out survey forms and explaining items on survey forms

• Double-check information on survey forms or information pads to ensure the accuracy of information

• Identify and report any issues that may arise while attempting to obtain valid data

• Compile, record and code information derived from specified forms into a predefined database

• Ensure that the supervisor is kept abreast of completed assignments and progress

• Analyze the authenticity of the information provided by ensuring direct contact with each family member within a family

• Ensure that repeat visits are performed in case a family member is not present in the first instance

• Compile reports of information derived from census activities and ensure that they vetted by the supervisor

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