18 Janitorial Hard Skills to put on Janitor Resume

Updated on: December 28, 2020

A janitor’s resume is never complete if it does not hold skills information. That is because the hiring manager will want to know that you are a good choice to hire, and he cannot do it if he doesn’t know where to look for skills information.

The skills section on a janitorial resume will provide hiring managers with solid information on your ability to handle the work effectively.

Typically, your skills in determining cleaning methods for different types of surfaces and environments should be highlighted. Your resume’s skills section should also focus on your knowledge of gathering and emptying trash, and performing recycling services.

Furthermore, a janitor resume should focus on their ability to follow proper procedures to mix and use chemical cleaners and power equipment. In addition, you should list your janitorial skills in a way that the hiring manager can understand them to be your strengths.

18 Hard Skills Statements for a Janitorial Resume

1. Highly skilled in cleaning surfaces by sweeping and mopping them
2. Deeply familiar with gathering and emptying trash in accordance with trash management protocols
3. Effectively able to follow the right procedures to mix and use cleaning chemicals and power equipment
4. Unmatched ability to move heavy furniture and equipment by using hand trucks and by hand
5. Exceptionally talented in mowing and trimming lawns and shrubbery by making good use of mowers and hand trimmers
6. Adept at removing snow from sidewalks and driveways in order to ensure safety
7. Proficient in cleaning windows and glass partitions, by using soapy water and sponges
8. Well-versed in carrying out heavy cleansing tasks, as well as special projects
9. Familiar with performing preventative and regular maintenance on cleaning equipment and tools
10. Experienced in cleaning up spills by using appropriate equipment
11. Competent in managing routine upkeep of exterior areas, and green spaces
12. Able to remove garbage from exteriors, and perform recycling work in accordance with set protocols
13. Skilled in handling emergency cleaning processes, in accordance with specified job orders
14. Effectively able to troubleshoot issues with HVAC systems, lighting, and indoor climate control
15. Knowledge of creating and maintaining records of equipment and supplies
16. Able to build solid relationships with vendors and suppliers in order to ensure timely and accurate supply delivery
17. Focused on ensuring proper cleanliness and maintenance of assigned areas in accordance with safety protocols and rules
18. In-depth knowledge of maintaining high levels of security, by locking doors, storing keys, and correctly using access codes

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