Janitor Job Scope

Cleaning and sanitization staff in organization holds a key role in any organization. Janitors work in many different settings such as hospitals, businesses and schools where their main responsibility is to handle cleaning jobs. This includes mopping, brushing, sweeping and dusting duties along with ensuring that windows are washed and wastepaper baskets are emptied.

Janitors do not only clean the premises of a facility or company. They are also actively involved in repair and maintenance activities. This may include fixing leaky faucets, changing bulbs or repairing locks. In an apartment facility, janitors may be assigned rent collecting tasks or managing tenants who may not be conforming to the rules of the community.

It is important for janitors to possess knowledge of the chemicals they use in cleaning and polishing surfaces so that they can use them in a safe manner. It is also important for janitors to possess physical agility as they need to perform many tasks that need dexterity. In order to understand in depth what a janitor does on a typical work day, have a look at the following list of duties:

Job Description for Janitor Resume

• Sweep floors and mop spills
• Clean hallways, rooms and service areas
• Wash and disinfect bathrooms
• Sterilize counter tops in kitchens and serving areas
• Vacuum and brush down carpets
• Wash carpets and curtains
• Remove stains on surfaces by using chemicals and equipment
• Dust and polish furniture and apply wax coats to floors
• Move heavy furniture upon instruction and identify need for repairs
• Apply sealants to floors where necessary and spray insecticides
• Mow lawns and trim shrubberies along with assisting in planting flowers and trees
• Shovel snow and sprinkle salt on surfaces such as driveways and entrances
• Gather and dispose trash and other harmful materials
• Maintain inventory of cleaning equipment and supplies
• Make list of supplies needed and ensure that they are delivered on time
• Fix leaky faucets and replace light bulbs and fuses
• Clean grounds and parking lots by ensuring that they are free of litter and debris
• Restock vending machines and maintain vending closets
• Mix and use cleaning agents in a safe manner
• Label all cleaning agents appropriately
• Clean windows and windowsills
• Clean mirrors and wash finger marks from walls and doors
• Retouch paint on walls and doors
• Report acts of vandalism to the authorities
• Wash and disinfect drinking fountains