SEO Specialist Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: September 8, 2015

Overview and Guidelines

Pick up a cover letter that you wrote for the first job that you applied for. Then look through samples that have been written by other people recently. Notice a difference? You will see that what you probably wrote was mundane and quite ordinary – because that is what employers required all those years ago. Employers of today want freshness in what they read – which is why the new samples are completely different from yours.

SEO specialist cover letters need to possess a personality of their own – personality which mirrors you as a good contender. Since employers have no other way of finding out what you know, they depend on cover letters to gain this information. Your job is to make sure that this information is available.

Nowadays, seo cover letters do not need to be very formal sounding. Of course, some professionalism needs to be included but being too stiff in what you write won’t be in your favor. Put in all information regarding what you can do and what you have achieved but also make sure that you do not reiterate what is in your resume. If you do that, well, you are killing the purpose of writing the cover letter. Employers do not like redundancies – if you have mentioned something in your SEO resume, refrain from reiterating the same information in your cover letter:


SEO Specialist Cover Letter Sample


Harper Lee
596 E. 9th Street
Chicago, IL 67002
(000) 123-4345
harper @ email . com

September 8, 2015

Thomas Jenner
Human Resource Manager
Citrix Systems
62 W Wilcox Street
Chicago, IL 62103


Dear Mr. Jenner:

Since the time information was available on the Internet, the need to have it found arose. Comprehending that SEO is not a new concept but one that is constantly evolving, I would like to offer my services as an SEO specialist to make this constant evolution easier for Citrix Systems.

There are some services that only a passionate, vastly experienced and insightful SEO specialist can provide – and I claim to be the one. But my claims are definitely not hollow. Here is what I offer to you:

• Hands-on experience in maximizing volume of inbound organic traffic from popular search engines to clients’ websites
• Excellent skills in link-building, social media strategies, viral marketing, site speed optimization and information architecture
• Demonstrated expertise in working with backend SEO elements such as metadata and .htaccess

I believe that we have a lot to discuss and if provided with a chance to meet with you in person, I will be able to elaborate on how well-suited I am to work for Citrix Systems. Please feel free to contact me at (000) 123-4345.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Harper Lee

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