Tell us why you are the Best Choice for the Job? (5 Answers)

Updated: November 25, 2021

No interview is complete without the famous question why are you the best person for the job?

Hiring managers want to know what you think of your abilities, and what you bring to the table.

While they may be able to gauge most of it themselves, they will want to know your capabilities from your own mouth.

There are several ways of answering this question.

You can choose which one suits your situation best. Remember that it is important to highlight your suitability for the job while remaining modest.

In some cases, you can go overboard as well, but you will have to see if that is what the interviewer is looking for. In most cases, you will have to highlight both your skills and accomplishments that make you an excellent person to hire.

Moreover, your answer should have a confident tone. Don’t water down your abilities. Talk about your major abilities and how they make you suitable for the job.

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Here are some sample answers to this question:

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Tell us why you are the Best Choice for the Job [5 Answers]

1. I have an inherent interest in administrative work, and can easily perform the duties entrusted to me. And I am particularly motivated to perform this work because of my previous accomplishments in the clerical field.

2. I can deliver exceptional results. I believe that the specifics of this work were designed for me especially. And since I have performed similar work before, I know how to handle the many challenges associated with it. Also, I feel that the combination of skills that I possess makes me stand out from the crowd.

3. Perfectly matching your top requirements, I am confident that no one else fits the position as well as I do. I can help the company reach great heights through my marketing skills. And since I love perfection as much as you do, I am sure that we will make a great team.

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4. My work history, skills, and accomplishments in this position are exceptional. The areas of expertise that you require are exactly what I have to offer. And since I have similar accomplishments to my name, I am sure that I will be able to replicate them here as well.

5. I would like to reiterate the perfect fit between my qualifications and your requirements. I don’t think there has ever been such a great match before. And since I am always focused on quality, I will be able to make your organization stand out from the competition in no time.

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