Scouting top talent to hire for a general labourer position is not easy, which is why hiring managers often throw curveball questions at interviewees during the interview process. These questions may seem like they are completely unrelated to the job at hand but in actuality, they are asked to gauge the applicants’ ability to handle adverse situations and develop appropriate solutions.

You cannot really foresee which curveball questions will be asked but to make your standing strong, you can figure out what job-related questions will be thrown at you. For example, a general labourer may be asked some or all of the following questions – answers are provided so that you can determine what is expected from you:

Questions To Ask a General Labourer During Interview

What makes you a great choice for a general labourer position at our company?
I am well-versed in preparing jobsites by clearing away debris and hazardous materials. I am also physically dexterous which makes it easy for me to manage physically demanding work easily. Additionally, I am great at taking and following instructions properly and ensuring that work assigned to me is done on time.

What are the common duties of a general labourer?
General labourers are expected to handle a lot of duties within a construction or production environment. Depending on the actual environment in question, he or she may be required to operate equipment in a safe manner, clean water tanks, dispose of trash and prepare work sites.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?
Eventually, I would like to work in a supervisory role, where I can handle a team of labourers to work on job sites.

What have you done in the past or doing now that will ensure that you reach your 5 year goal?
I have been actively learning the ropes over the years, especially where training on equipment is concerned. Additionally, I am quite an insightful person and have been mentally recording the way teams are trained, nurtured and led in this field. I have also taken up an extensive course in construction which is sure to aid me with my future objectives.

Why do you think time management is important if you are working as a labourer?
Labourers often have to finish many tasks at the same time and this is why they have to make sure that every task is done in a time-efficient manner.

As far as maintenance is concerned, how do labourers fit into the role?
Maintenance of facility and equipment is of extreme importance in the role of a general labourer. Since preparing job sites and operating equipment are two of the main duties of a person working at this position, one has to make sure that sites are kept clean and safe and that equipment is properly maintained, by performing both preventative and regular maintenance on it.