Top 10 Intern Resume Objective Examples

Updated November 26, 2019

An intern’s resume objective depends largely on where the applicant wants to work for. Each position will need a different skill set.

If you are applying for an intern position, you need to know what areas you excel in, and then offer information about your skills in them.


Technically, an intern’s resume objective has to be short but sweet. Information regarding competencies in outlined areas should be made a priority. Focusing on the language and context of the objective is also important.

Since resume objectives make the first impression, you have to make sure that it is a positive one.

Each word and phrase of your objective statement must show that you are a keen worker, and are willing to learn new things.

Depending on which position you are applying for, your resume objective must be solid – but not word-heavy. Try to choose words that the hiring manager has written in his or her advertisement.


Some objectives for an intern resume are provided below for you to take ideas from:

Intern Resume Objective Examples

1. Seeking to obtain an entry-level Administrative Intern opportunity with ABC Company, which will benefit from my clerical knowledge and customer service skills.

2. Detail-oriented accounting graduate seeks a position at AA Company. Eager to utilize excellent problem-solving and analytical skills to contribute to the company’s mission.

3. Self motivated high school graduate enthusiastic to obtain an internship at Target. Advanced knowledge of customer service protocols and great communication skills.

4. Seeking a position as a Sales Intern at Retail Works, by providing benefits of skills in handling incoming customer traffic. Highly knowledgeable about performing upselling tasks. Proficient in determining customers’ requirements, and providing them with correlating services.

5. Looking for an Administrative Intern position at Miller Construction Company. Demonstrated ability to help supervisors with administrative and clerical tasks. Knowledge of handling correspondence, managing mail, and manning telephone calls. Ability to oversee front desk operations, and provide necessary interventions.

6. Desire a position as a Production Intern at Dreamworks Production Company. Offering a well-placed interest in film production, and a great capacity to learn quickly. Adept at handle on-set tasks such as lights management, and props oversight. Unmatched ability to assist with filming work, in sync with production timelines.

7. To work as a Communication Intern at World Wide Fund for Nature. Eager to apply exceptional knowledge of creating and implementing outreach and marketing plans. In-depth knowledge of creating and distributing materials such as pamphlets, flyers, and brochures. Ability to oversee communications implementation in an inert-departmental capacity.

8. To obtain a Dental Intern position with Dental Aesthetics, by offering benefits of excellence in chairside, and administrative assistance. Familiar with cleaning and sanitizing instruments and equipment. Competent in scheduling appointments and performing follow-up. Qualified to handle filing and record-keeping tasks, in accordance with facility procedures and protocols.

9. To work for Canada Computers as an intern employing strong computation and math skills, impressive typing speed, and knowledge of troubleshooting computers.

10. Top-performing nursing graduate seeking an internship at Lakeridge Hospital. Ability to provide ongoing and compassionate care to patients from different backgrounds.

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