A job follow up inquiry is important to send to a prospective employer when you do not hear from a company for a long period of time. It reinforces your enthusiasm and interest in joining a specific organization.

The following sample will assist you writing in your letter of Job Follow Up Inquiry.


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Job Follow Up Inquiry Sample


65 Example 5th Street
Bethel, CT 02214

October 3, 2013

Ms. Bruce Campbell
HR Manager
Aspire Technologies
2 Quaker Ave
Bethel, CT 02355


Dear Mr. Campbell:

This is with reference to my job application for the position of Office Assistant at Aspire Technologies. I would like to bring to your notice that I have submitted my resume to the Human Resource Department of your company before the end date and I have not heard from them till now.

Upon inquiring from your receptionist over the phone, I was asked to write to you and find out which part of the scrutiny process my application is now. Since I have not heard anything from your office, I am writing to confirm that my application has been received and to reinstate my interest in this job.

My experience and education is in line with the job description that you have provided in the advertisement and I am confident that I will be a proven asset to your company. Please let me know if I need to resend my application. I will be available  at (010) 222-9999 for any queries.

Thank you once again for your time and consideration.



Sally Mater

Enc. Resume