Human Resources Coordinator Resume Objectives

Updated on: September 18, 2016

Resume objectives are a great way of connecting with an employer whom you do not know and have never met. Remember the ice breaking activity that your kindergarten teachers did with you to help you settle into school? Well, the resume objective is more or less the same thing, allowing you to reach the employer and provide him with information on why you feel you are such a good contender for the job.

As short snippets of who you are and what you are capable of, resume objectives are quite telling. They can either give off a very good impression or a very bad one – mediocre resume objectives are as unsuccessful as bad ones. Writing the perfect objective requires time and thought. If you can get the resume objective straight, the rest of your document falls into place automatically, allowing you to build up on information from the objective.

Think of the objective as a starting point – once you know which direction to take, it will be easy to hack the rest of the resume. Strong resume objectives lead to immediate interviews. The words and phrases that you use and the relevance that you apply, can have great results in how you are perceived by an employer who wants nothing but professionalism in the people that he hires.

Some examples of objectives for a human resource coordinator resume are given below for you to look through:

Human Resources Coordinator Resume Objectives Examples

• Highly analytic Human Resources Coordinator looking for a position at Electric Power Research Institute. Offering expertise in handling recruitment activities, such as job postings, resume screenings and candidates dispositioning.

• Top-performing Human Resources Coordinator seeking a position at Aramark utilizing hands-on experience in handling new employee orientation, loan processing and providing support for compensation and benefits.

• Desire a Human Resources Coordinator position at UBS. Bringing exceptional skills in providing technical assistance and advice about human resource principles, practices and procedures to applicants, along with effectively maintaining employees’ personnel files in accordance to department requirements.

• Exceptionally well-organized individual seeking a Human Resources Coordinator position at Dollar General. Eager to apply talents in facilitating human resource processes, acting as a liaison between employees and central human resources, and handling screening and recruiting activities.

• To work for Department of Environment Protection as Human Resources Coordinator using expertise in sourcing applications, posting jobs, processing background checks and creating and maintaining hourly job boards.

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