Human Resources Associate Skills for Resume

Updated May 18, 2017

What makes you a great hire in the eyes of a prospective employer? The fact that you can offer all that a hiring manager is looking for is what counts the most. Skills is the operative word here. Focusing on your skills when writing a resume is what will take your candidature from point 0 to point 10. The higher the rating, the better your chances of being hired for the position that you have your heart set on.

However, creating a skills list is quite a task to perform. You may be quite aware of the fact that you are an excellent contender for a job, but if you do not articulate your skills effectively, this awareness does not count for anything. It is best to keep track of your skills over time so that you do not feel overwhelmed when you have to look for them during the time you apply for a job. What constitutes as a skill? Whatever personal or work-related aptitude that you possess which makes you worthy is a skill. A skill is also an attribute that makes you a great contender to work at any position.

Most hiring managers have certain ideas in their heads about what type of skills a prospective employee should have. You need to make sure that your skills set is spot on with the requirements of the employer. Here is a list of skills set for the position of a human resource associate:

Sample Skills for Human Resources Associate Resume

• Qualified to respond to both internal and external queries regarding human resource policies, procedures, rules and regulations

• Highly experienced in processing new hires according to internal procedures while ensuring compliance with required documents

• Effectively able to track annual performance reviews, exams and policies accordance to established policies

• Deeply familiar with create and update job descriptions and assist with special HR projects

• Hands-on experience in providing administrative support by preparing documentation and materials needed for scheduled trainings

• Deep insight into performing new hire orientations and preparing, inputting and maintaining various employee records

• Proven ability to maintain and update records for personnel files and process termination paperwork

• Skilled human resource department with open enrollment, performance management and employment events

• Track record of proactively sustaining human resource related systems such as ATS and HRIS

• Proficient in dealing with employees’ requests regarding human resource issues, rules and regulations

• Adept at assisting with payroll functions by providing relevant data to accounting department, including leaves, absences and bonuses

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