The interview process of a Human Resource Specialist position contains personality assessments and questions designed to determine your HR skills and expertise.

Comprehending how to answer HR Specialist interview questions might cause anxiety in candidates.

If you want to be prepared for specific HR Interview questions, go through the following questions and answers carefully, and you will answer in your next interview with confidence and extraordinary clarity.




Human Resources Specialist Interview Questions and Answers

Q. Good evening Mr. Davis! I’ll appreciate if you introduce yourself to panel.
Good evening everyone. My name is Davis Larry. Thank you for giving me this interview opportunity for the HR Specialist position.

I have completed my Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with specialization in Human Resource Management from the University of Maryland, Baltimore in 2008. Since then I have been working at SoCal Penske in West Covina. I joined them as an HR intern for three months, was hired as an HR trainee for the next one year and then was promoted to HR executive position considering my excellent performance.

Currently I am working there as an HR Specialist from the past one year. During my job, I also earned the SPHR certification and that makes me competent enough for being your best choice.

Q. What do you know about our company?
MECLABS is the world’s largest independent research lab focused exclusively on marketing and sales. Your scientists and analysts have been conducting rigorous scientific tests. You have done business with more than 500,000 marketing leaders from around the world.

You have a long list of excellence awards in which the most recent one is the “Best Leadership Award 2013”. Your company’s headcount is around 20,000 employees, where hiring is an ongoing process.

Q. Very well, tell me what are the major functions of HR?
The major functions of HR include HR planning • Recruitment and hiring • Training and development • Employee evaluation and appraisal • Compensation and benefits • Employee relations

Q. I hope you have read the job description of this position carefully before applying. Do you think you will be able to perform those duties well?
Yes, of course! I have read it and found myself compatible enough before applying for this job. I can assure you that corresponding to your job description, I am trained at carrying out all recruitment processes including head-hunting, reaching potential candidates by telephone/email, applicants’ resume screening, interviewing applicants, processing background checks, shortlisting, finalizing hiring and closing vacancies; Employee orientations and processing new hire paperwork ensuring compliance with company requirements; filing and maintaining the HR database; managing employee training and development programs; creating, refreshing and/or interpreting policies and providing all-purpose administrative support for all HR functions.

Q. So, at your previous HR positions, how many people have you hired?
More than 300 personnel including staff at every level from a janitor to the chief operations officer.