Sample Accomplishments for Housekeeper Resume

Updated on: July 22, 2019

There is no denying the fact that accomplishments are what make our resumes successful.

A resume without an accomplishments section looks half-boiled at best. This is especially true for positions that are service-natured, like that of a housekeeper.


A hotel or an individual looking for a housekeeper will want to know how well she has performed in the past – an accomplishment lends credence to the job duties listed on a resume.

However, it is often difficult to differentiate between job duties and achievements of the housekeeper, and many of us end up writing our job duties under the accomplishments section.

This can be off-putting for an employer as he does not want to know what you have done in a previous role – your job duties will be listed in the experience section.

An employer wants to know what you did in a housekeeping role that had a quantified result or effect on the company or individual that you worked for.


A housekeeper’s accomplishments will be based on where she has worked in the past. A housekeeper who has worked in a house may have different stories to tell than the one who has worked in a five-star hotel.

We all know that a great deal of a resume’s effectiveness depends on the accomplishments section, so this is the area you have to work on in detail.

Although most accomplishments are successful if they have numbers and figures in them, you can write some that do not.

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You may have accomplished something that cannot be measured but wherever possible, do mention numbers.

Here are a few examples of accomplishments for a housekeeper resume:


Sample Accomplishments for Housekeeper Resume

• Directed a team of housekeeping staff through a busy year of foreign delegations and corporate events.

• Introduced a new cleaning machine which reduced overheads by $20000.

• Stayed under budget for three years by employing bulk cleaning supplies buying activities.

• Restructured the housekeeping team by determining “best abilities of each member” and entrusting them with coinciding housekeeping duties.

• Coined the now well-known buzzword “Atop” used for providing one-word instructions to housekeeping staff during large events at the hotel.

• Wrote an instructional booklet for new members of the housekeeping staff, bringing down training costs by 20%.

• Led a housekeeping drive after-hours for seven days, which decreased the amount of time spent on performing housekeeping activities in front of hotel patrons by 35%.

• Trained 45 members of the housekeeping staff in 3 years to perform cleaning activities within and outside the hotel.

• Awarded Employee of the Month plaque 5 times in 2 years following exceptional housekeeping duties between 2012 and 2014.

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