Housekeeping Professional Summary for Resume

Updated on: October 8, 2019

A housekeeper is an individual who cleans and maintains assigned areas in hotels.

This job is challenging which is why one must possess the ability to perform it perfectly. And this perfection must be shown in the professional summary on your resume.


In particular, a housekeeper’s professional summary should outline the candidate’s knowledge of cleaning rooms and common areas, disposing of trash, and setting up guest rooms.

As a candidate for this position, you just also emphasize your ability to perform vacuuming and washing work.

In essence, your professional summary should highlight all the reasons that a hiring manager must hire you.

In it, it is important to mention your capability of providing excellent customer services.


Some professional summaries for a housekeeping resume are provided here for you to refer to:


Housekeeping Professional Summary for Resume

• Top-performing Housekeeper, with extensive knowledge of cleaning and maintain hotel areas such as rooms, common areas, bathrooms, lobbies, and walkways. Highly professional in vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping tasks. Demonstrated expertise in making beds, sanitizing bathrooms, and replenishing supplies.

• Professional Housekeeper with 6+ years of a solid track record of efficiently handling housekeeping work in a hotel environment. Competent in ensuring guest satisfaction through the delivery of excellent housekeeping services. Proficient in performing a variety of cleaning tasks such as sweeping and mopping.

• Uniquely qualified Housekeeper boasting 10 years of experience of working in a high-end hotel. Offering proven skills in inspecting guest rooms, and ensuring their cleanliness and neatness. Demonstrated ability to ensure that guest rooms remain in perfect order. Highly knowledgeable about handling stock maintenance rand inventory management tasks.

• Results-oriented Housekeeper, offering 6 years of experience working in a busy hotel environment. Developed needed housekeeping strategies and protocols, to meet the specific requirements of the hotel. Highly successful in implementing core housekeeping standards and procedures, aimed at guest satisfaction and return business opportunities.

• Resourceful and organized individual with excellent skills in providing housekeeping support. Adept at cleaning and sanitizing guest rooms and bathrooms. Efficient in washing and vacuuming carpets, rugs, and curtains. Documented success in ensuring guest satisfaction through the delivery of quality services.


Entry Level Housekeeping Resume Summary Example

• Enthusiastic Housekeeping professional, with superior knowledge of ensuring cleanliness and sanitization of assigned areas. Effectively able to change bed linen, wash bathrooms, and replenish supplies such as soap and toilet paper. Eager to contribute to the hotel by offering excellence in service delivery, resulting in guest satisfaction, and recurring business.

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