Housekeeper Duties and Responsibilities

Updated on: January 17, 2016

Position Overview

The term “housekeeper” refers to a person who looks after the cleaning and maintenance needs of an establishment – a house or a commercial project. Housekeepers are hired on a personal level and in commercial settings such as hospitals, hotels and office buildings. While their basic work is looking after the cleanliness and maintenance needs of a building, they end up doing a lot more than merely cleaning surfaces.


In order to work as a housekeeper, a job seeker need to possess a high school diploma or a GED. Active listening and reading skills are important at this position as one has to take and follow instructions properly and possess the ability to read labels on cleaning materials. It is also important for housekeepers to be physically agile as they spend a huge part of their day on their feet.

Housekeeper Duties and Responsibilities

• Sweep, scrub and mop floors in rooms, lobbies and hallways
• Vacuum carpets on a daily basis and occasionally wash them using a blend of soap and water
• Dust and polish furniture and fittings and report any damages found during the procedure
• Wash guest rooms using cleaning supplies and materials and ensure that bathroom supplies such as soap and shampoo are replenished
• Change bed linen and ensure that soiled or dirty linen is delivered to the laundry area
• Assist in washing or dry cleaning linen or clothes sent in by guests, taking special care about the instructions provided on labels
• Empty ashtrays and waste paper baskets and ensure that proper trash disposal measures are taken
• Wipe down glass surfaces such as windows, doors and counters and make sure that they are left spot free
• Iron and press clothes and linen and carefully pack them or store them for use
• Keep track of inventory of supplies and equipment such as detergents and mechanized cleaning equipment
• Take note of repairs needed around the premises and provide feedback to the maintenance team to look into it
• Perform minor maintenance work such as changing bulbs or fixing light fixtures