Hotel Housekeeper Job Description for Resume

September 7, 2019
Position Overview

Efficiency and meticulousness are two of the essential virtues of a hotel housekeeper.

Since hotel housekeepers give hotels the “wow” factor, they should understand the importance of excellent customer services.


Hotel housekeepers maintain a high level of cleanliness in all areas of the hotel that they are working for.

They service guestrooms, lobbies, bathrooms, and corridors so that the outward appearance of a hotel is positive and encouraging.

Most guests make their first impressions about a hotel by how clean it looks.

Therefore, it is up to hotel housekeepers to ensure that every surface is clean at all times during their shifts.

They change linen, empty trash cans, wash bathrooms, and mop floors along with making sure that the lighting within certain areas is as it should be.


Skills and Abilities

Since there is a huge amount of physical labor involved, hotel housekeepers are required to be physically agile.

They need to keep a well-groomed and neat appearance, and they must be polite to guests

. If working in a fast-paced environment is something that you want to take up as a career, you should choose the hotel housekeeping profession.


Job Description for Hotel Housekeeper Resume

• Clean guestrooms and bathroom before they are let out and also on an everyday basis

• Sweep, mop and polish lobby floors and corridors to ensure a clean and sanitized look

• Respond to guests’ requests in a courteous and prompt manner

• Change linens and flip mattresses and coordinate with laundry services to ensure that clean linen is readily available

• Replenish towels and supplies such as toilet paper and soap

• Clean rugs by shampooing and vacuuming them

• Empty trash bins and ashtrays and transport trash to waste disposal areas

• Polish furniture, silverware, and metalwork such as fixtures

• Ensure that all light bulbs are in proper working order

• Coordinate with maintenance workers

• Wash windows and wax doors periodically

• Disinfect cleaning equipment regularly

• Store all cleaning supplies and equipment in a safe place

• Follow safe operating procedures to mix and use cleaning chemicals

• Move and arrange the furniture as directed by supervisors

• Coordinate with procurement representative to ensure that cleaning supplies and equipment are available on a constant basis

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