Hotel Housekeeper Duties and Responsibilities

February 18, 2017

Hotels depend highly on the image that they project to guests. One of the main things that have a positive (or sometimes negative) impact on guests is how clean (or dirty) a hotel is. The latter situation is a complete turn off for guests who are looking forward to spending a comfortable time in a clean hospitality environment.

This is where hotel housekeepers come in. These individuals are hired specifically to ensure that each part of the hotel premises, including all nooks and crannies are properly cleaned and maintained. Eligibility criteria to work as a hotel housekeeper is usually a high school diploma or a GED. However, it is important that he or she is organized and meticulous in what he or she does. A spot of dust on a table or a cobweb behind a curtain is not acceptable. It is these minor details that hotel housekeepers need to look out for on a regular basis.

Hotel housekeepers work on rotating shifts, which is why they need to be able to work during the day and at night too, depending on when their duties are specified. Physical dexterity is an absolute must in this work as there is a lot of bending and stooping that one has to do. In addition to this, it is imperative for a hotel housekeeper to be predictably available in case a guest requires assistance.

On any typical day at work, this is what a hotel housekeeper will be doing:

Hotel Housekeeper Duties and Responsibilities

• Inspect vacated rooms to determine need to clean and maintain them

• Perform cleaning activities such as sweeping and mopping floors and ensuring that they are dried properly

• Strip beds, place fresh linen on them and ensure that dirty or soiled bedsheets are handed over to the laundry

• Empty waste paper bins and ashtrays and ensure that proper waste management procedures are followed, especially for kitchen waste

• Replenish supplies such as soap, shampoo, toilet paper and towels in bathrooms

• Wash and disinfect bathrooms on a daily basis by using the correct mixture of cleaning and sanitization liquids

• Clean and sanitize hallways, lobbies and offices and ensure that appropriate boards such as those to warn about wet floors are placed properly

• Perform maintenance work such as repairing loose wires and changing light bulbs

• Ascertain that housekeeping trolleys are properly stacked with supplies such as cleaning agents and cloths

• Transport dirty laundry to the washing area and ensure that clean laundry is delivered to guests in a timely manner

• Respond to guests’ requests for supplies and equipment such as irons and ironing boards and provide instructions on how to use them

• Clean closets and door tracks on check out rooms and ensure that correct amount of hangers are placed within

• Report any security issues or problems to the housekeeping head and ensure that any list items are identified and handed over to the lost and found department

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